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Opening of the first hydrogen refuelling station of France, producing and distributing carbon-free hydrogen

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EIFER, coordinator of the COSMHYC project, is also involved in a range of projects around hydrogen for sustainable mobility and contributed to the opening in April 2017 of a hydrogen refuelling station producing carbon-free hydrogen.

EIFER (European Institute For Energy Research) has been involved for 15 years in research on hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. Beside its current work as a coordinator in the COSMHYC project for developing efficient compressors for refuelling station, EIFER is also involved in different international projects around hydrogen mobility, among which the Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) project funded by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking initiative.

H2ME brings together 4 national initiatives on hydrogen mobility from Germany, Scandinavia, France and the UK. The project will expand the networks of HRS by deploying 29 state of the art refuelling stations, including the one opened by the Communaute d’Agglomeration Sarreguemines Confluences (urban community) this year in April. Developed in partnership with McPhy, EDF and EIFER, it is the first station in France with onsite electrolysis, enabling carbon-free hydrogen production. It has a capacity of 40 kg/d and enables the filling of 10 to 20 vehicles per day. Symbio FC has delivered 10 electric vehicles, equipped with a hydrogen range extender (Kangoo H2), which are now used every day by local public and private partners.

FaHyence Refuelling Station © EIFER 2017

FaHyence Refuelling Station © EIFER 2017