Cosmhyc News:

INTERVIEW with Enrique Girón, Project Manager at FCH JU

COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL are projects funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). Learn more about the activities of the FCH JU and gain insights in future priorities in the interview with the project officer of both COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL.

Enrique Giron is a project manager at the FCH JU for almost ten years now and thus heavily involved in bringing more hydrogen technologies to the market. As a project officer of COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL he is supportive contact person for the consortium to all questions related to the project's management or technical development.

In our interview he shares some insights about future focus areas of the FCH JU and gives advice for a successful projet implementation.

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