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MAHYTEC provides hydrogen infrastructure for high-schools in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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COSMHYC partner Mahytec contributes to hydrogen education by providing high-schools with hydrogen energy storage and refuelling stations.

Mahytec installed several hydrogen energy storage and refuelling stations at high-schools in French region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The infrastructure in place shall demonstrate students and teachers alike the diverse applications of hydrogen technology and their contribution to the energy transition.
With the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure comes a quadricycle, students can take out for test drives. “The vehicle, which can be used by students, teachers or high-school personnel, is an excellent instrument to educate the users of tomorrow”, explains Dominique Perreux, Co-founder of Mahytec, in an interview issued by Europe Parlementaire. He sees great potential in the sustainable energy sector, hydrogen being a key enabler for the energy transition; many of today’s students will seek future employment in the sector, Mr. Perreux predicts.

Having an actual functioning hydrogen system on the school compounds, is for sure exceptional and unique in France and also Europe. For students of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region it is a great opportunity to learn about hydrogen technologies from own experience.

Click here to read the interview conducted by La Documentation Parlamentaire with Dominique Perreux in French.

In COSMHYC, Mahytec is responsible for the development of the innovative compression solution, which shall significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen at the pump. The company is specialized in hydrogen storage solutions and brings in years of expertise, working with hydrogen compression. For more information, please see the company’s webpage:

Illustration of MAHYTEC hydrogen storage and quadricycle © MAHYTEC 2017

Illustration of MAHYTEC hydrogen storage and quadricycle © MAHYTEC 2017